While most of us were preparing for a big Thanksgiving feast, the amazing sheriffs in Rusk Country were preparing for drug busts to keep the illegal substances off the streets. In fact, they conducted three independent drug busts with warrants that let to six people being arrested all for drug related crimes. It wasn't exactly shocking to find out that the drugs were going to be sold throughout different cities within Rusk County.

The first bust took place the day before Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 24th, at 6800 US Hwy 79 in Henderson. The warrant executed was for the distribution of marijuana, magic mushrooms, Promethazine with codeine, THC cartridges, firearms, and US currency. One suspect was arrested for manufacturing/distributing of a substance which is a first degree felony charge, also felony possession of marijuana.

Details Regarding the Second Drug Bust by Rust County Sheriffs

The second warrant execution took place on Monday, November 29th at 4508 US Hwy 79 South in Henderson. The warrant was issued for suspected marijuana, THC smoking cartridges, and numerous firearms. Two people were arrested both charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of illegal substances which is a second degree felony.

The Third Drug Bust by Rusk County Sheriffs Had the Most Arrests

The final warrant execution was on Tuesday, November 30th at 3018 US Hwy 79 East in Henderson. The warrant was for suspected methamphetamine and marijuana. Three people were arrested for various drug charges. The charges included possession of marijuana, manufacturing/distribution of substances, and possession of a controlled substance.

After details were released regarding these arrests the Rusk County Sheriff's office said they are dedicated to safeguarding the citizens they serve. And all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

A huge thank you to these amazing officers and everyone who had a hand in keeping these drugs off the streets. It's very possible these sheriff's saved lives by executing these warrants.

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