After 14 years in business, we are sad to hear that a Tyler, Texas seafood restaurant is closing its doors at the end of August 2023.

Yesterday many East Texans were sad to read the post the staff of Breakers:: A Seafood Joint shared on their Facebook page. It read:

"It is with sad hearts and frowning faces that Breakers must make the decision to close the doors. We have appreciated being able to serve the tyler community for over 14 years. We will remain open through the end of the month and hope to see the friends and family that have made Breakers what is until then."


Aw man, we are so bummed to hear it.

Stop by and enjoy Breakers: A Seafood Joint in Tyler, Texas before they close their doors at the end of the month.

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I remember when they very first opened their doors. I was super excited to see a new seafood restaurant open in East Texas at 5106 Old Bullard Road in Tyler, Texas. There are a few I already loved, but when I started to see the cool vibe of the restaurant as it was being built, I was pretty excited. I also thought it was interesting to hear that it was a 'California-style' seafood concept, which I hadn't been familiar with up to that point.

I have loved eating here--the chill vibe was quite relaxing, the food was (and is) fantastic, and even the music they played made you feel like you might be on vacation. It was unlike anything else we'd seen in Tyler, in my opinion.

While they didn't specify why they conclusively decided to close their doors, all of us here just want to say we're sorry to see you go.

There's a solid chance the Covid pandemic and all that ensued in the years that have followed played a role, but regardless, you'll be missed.  I will definitely be coming by before the end of the month.

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