Right off of Cascades Shoreline Dr., you will find the most expensive home listed for sale in Tyler, Texas. This 5-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom 8,189 square-foot house will set you back $2,750,000. But hey, maybe you're in the market for the most expensive home in Tyler. Give me 150 years to save and maybe I'll look into it for myself.

Listed on both real estate sites, Zillow and Estately, this house has been on the market for 283 days and was constructed in 2007. It's definitely a hot piece of property with over 7,500 views in the last year, but no one seems to be wiling to shell out the dough.

The French-inspired residence overlooks Bellwood Lake to boot.

If you are indeed interested, all of the information can be found on Zillow and Estately.

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