Living in the great state of Texas is a privilege and a whole lot of fun, but just like everywhere in the world you’re going to want to make sure you are comfortable in case you need to defend yourself or your family. I’m a proud gun owner and I am happy to say my wife feels comfortable shooting as well. But that is because we have learned from professionals on how to shoot correctly and found firearms that we are comfortable shooting.  

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When we first began looking at firearms it wasn’t because we were living in fear, it was because we wanted to find a new hobby and the added safety was just a bonus. But I will say that I didn’t have a lot of experience shooting growing up, other than shooting pop cans with bb guns. Which is why we signed up for a gun class to learn everything possible, so we didn’t end up making a very costly mistake. And gun safety is something you need to keep up on, use your guns regularly so you are very familiar with them in case you do need to use them for protection. 

How Do You Know Which Firearm to Pick? 

You need to try different firearms, you need to hold them, shoot them, and you decide what is the most comfortable for you. You might think a tiny little firearm is great, but some of those smaller firearms have some serious recoil (kickback), which can drastically change the direction of the round you’re shooting.  

Here are Some of Your Best Options for Self Defense Firearms 

I’m not a firearm expert, so I am deferring to the professionals at Body Cams+ who created a list of the best firearms for self-defense. So, if you’re a Texan looking for a firearm, here is a good list of options to get you started.  

Great Firearms When Looking for Self Defense Options

If you're interested in getting a good firearm when looking for self-defense options here are some of the best for you to consider.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

32 States With Laws to Take Guns From Certain People

The 2nd amendment is very important for Texans. However, it's very possible Texas could follow other states and take guns away from certain law breaking citizens.

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