Last Sunday, June 20, 2021, a complaint was made to the Kilgore Police Department regarding an employee at a local nail spa in Kilgore--Luxury Nail and Spa. 
The complainant explained that an employee at the nail spa, Qui Ngoc Nguyen of Flint, 49, "had touched the complainant inappropriately while performing her manicure," according to a press release from the Kilgore Police Department. 
An investigation ensued after the complaint and it was soon brought to light that Qui Ngoc Nguyen is a registered sex offender in Texas. and the employee, also known as 'Kevin,' was fired from his position as soon as the arrest was made.
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After his arrest, the Kilgore Police were contacted by another victim claiming a similar experience. Kilgore Police are concerned that there may be other victims and encourage them to contact the authorities when they can.
Luxury Nail and Spa, 908 N. Kilgore Street in Kilgore, has been fully cooperative with the investigation and issued an statement:
"First and foremost, we at Luxury Nails and Spa would like to apologize from the bottom of our hearts to the victims that our employee had caused. We were appalled at what had transpired in our business and once we had found out, the employee was immediately terminated. We have been working and cooperating with our distinguished local law enforcement, Kilgore Police, to apprehend this employee to keep the community safe from further harm and violations of the law that was meant to protect us.
From here on out, the management of Luxury Nail and Spa will do deeper background checks on all current and future employees and improve in store monitoring of our clients during services to ensure the safety of everyone. Again, we apologize that this incident was happening in our facility and we do hope that the community will continue to trust us as we have always done our best to keep the quality of our services up and the safety of our clients. Thank you and God Bless."
---Luxury Nails and Spa Management, Jennifer and Joseph
If you would like more info in regard to the Texas DPS Sex Offender Program and database, you can learn more here.

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