When it becomes late summer in East Texas everyone starts looking forward to a break from the hot temperatures and football. It's a way of life and we really enjoy supporting our favorite teams whether it is high school, college or NFL. To make this year even more fun 101.5 KNUE has teamed up with Whataburger and we want you to Show Off Your Team Pride for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

It's so simple to support your favorite team but you're going to want to go big on this one as many people will want to win these cool prizes. The winner will take home a $100 Whataburger gift card, Whataburger branded cooler, Whataburger Yeti Cups, Whataburger branded koozies and other fun goodies.

What Do You Have to do to Win All Of The Awesome Prizes

You could throw on your favorite shirt and smile for the camera but that probably won't make you the winner. You are going to want to go all in, we're talking face paint, maybe hair colors, and don't forget some socks to really go big. Anything you can do to stand out while showing pride for your favorite team is going to help you.

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Exact Details About the Show Off Your Pride Promotion

You will have from Monday, August 23rd through Saturday, September 4th to submit a photo showing off your team pride. From September 6th through the 10th we will ask the 101.5 KNUE listeners to vote on who should win all the prizes then Billy and Tara in the morning will call the winner to let them know the good news.

PSST: Check Out The Whataburger Secret Menu

The items are available year round, but make sure you're grabbing breakfast items and lunch items during those respective times.

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