People love to be entertained.

Obviously, one of the main sources of this entertainment involves binge watching [insert show here] on [insert streaming platform] at the end of a hectic day. Yes, there's still plenty of that going on.

At the same time, an interesting and, in my opinion, heartwarming trend has developed across social media: People are keeping each other company and entertained via online reading of sonnets, online concerts, art classes, and more.

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This is a clear confirmation that we are truly social creatures. Perhaps in our regular every day schedules in which we interact with people all day, coming home to sit down and unplug from the world while you watch your fave show makes sense. But, since we find ourselves spending more time away from most people, we have been compelled to connect in whatever ways we can.

Celebrities and everyone else have been participating. For example, Hozier has been engaged in a series of concert performances on Twitter, set in what looks like a cozy living room, doing covers and original songs in what feels like a show just for you. Actors such as Rufus Sewell are recording themselves performing the poetry of Shel Silverstein, while actor and comedian Steve Martin shared his "Banjo Balm" online just earlier today.

But again, it's not just celebrities. People just like you and I are invited to participate--and many of us are. We are sharing our own breathing exercises, cooking demos, and art with the world.

It's as if when we're locked away from each other we are more compelled to engage in some of the most creatively human endeavors: art. We want to create, sing, dance, play music, and perform and then share it with one another.

Although, like you, I can't wait for the coronavirus to come under control, I confess I'm finding this trend to be truly encouraging. I hope it continues.

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