Adulting is hard and sometimes at the start of our adult life, we struggle.

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A lot of times as adults we turn to the people that have helped us all our life, our parents.   Parents don't stop being parents when their kids turn 18, they are parents until the day they pass on.

Most parents will help their kids until their dying breath.

However, sometimes, young adults might not fully appreciate the extent of how their parents help them out when they struggle.

A Texas Tech Graduate attended a taping of The Steve Harvey Show and had the opportunity to ask Steve Harvey what he should do in a particular situation.

He explained that he had to move back in with his parents after graduating from Texas Tech University because he was struggling to get a full-time job.

Did he ask Steve for any advice on how to find a job in this crazy world?  No!

He told Steve that his dad gets up very early on the weekends and makes these gourmet breakfasts.  This TTU Grad goes on to say that he likes to sleep in on the weekends and that he appreciates what his dad does for him.  How can he let his dad know that he needs to sleep in and cook later on the weekend?

While some people can understand this person wants to sleep in and dad is loud.  Steve reacted in the way most people would when they heard this complaint.

In the most Steve Harveyest way possible.

God Bless, Steve Harvey, he let him have it!

I'm looking at your ungrateful @&*....who in the hells daddy is up making them a hot breakfast, your ungrateful @&* wants to sleep in.  Man, your daddy needs to just come in there and stomp you one morning.

Sir in the video, you need to cherish these moments with your dad. You will wake up one morning and realize that your dad will never be able to cook you breakfast ever again.  You will long for the days and wish you would have gotten out of bed with him, and cooked together. You will never be able to get these times back and you should cherish each and every single breakfast.

That's why you nap!

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