My Mom called the other day and asked if I'd received my stimulus check yet. I have not. She was surprised. She received hers weeks ago. I've not worried about it too much, but her reminder got me to thinking.

The IRS has confirmed on their website that over 150 million Americans have received their money. KABC reports the IRS, "in a rush to get the cash out as quickly as possible [...] started with the people who it could reach the fastest."

What does that mean? Eligible citizens who'd filed their tax returns for 2018 and/or 2019, and also opted to receive it as a direct deposit, saw the money in their accounts first.

But still, many of us have yet to receive our money, either by check, direct deposit, or card. Here are a few reasons why that may be the case:

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Make Sure You've Checked Your Mail. OK, this one may seem obvious. However, we get so much junk mail nowadays, and offers to apply for this or that credit card. Some of that stuff ends up in the garbage. The IRS says just last week they sent out cards to 4 million Americans. They were sent in a plain envelope with "Money Network Cardholder Services." So, keep your eyes open and DON'T throw that one away.

Make Sure You've Filed Your 2018 And 2019 Tax Returns. If you haven't yet, you won't receive your stimulus money. Plain and simple. Even people who earn a low-income and aren't usually obligated to file were asked to go online and provide some information--including name, date of birth, and social security numbers.

If You Did File A Paper Return Recently, You May Have To Wait For It To Be Processed. Even IRS employees were affected by the quarantine. Many were working from home. KABC reports that due to this, "the agency stopped opening a lot of its mail. By mid-April, the agency had to move a lot of its unopened mail into trailers."

Oh my, aren't you thankful you don't have to sort through trailers full of tax information. Oy vey. Paper mail is already involves a slower process, and that's been amplified during the pandemic.

Want your money ASAP and ready to delve in a bit deeper? CNET offers some suggestions here.

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