It's extremely exciting when some of our favorite artists here in the Texas Music scene get some national face time ... especially from such a world-renowned magazine like Rolling Stone. Not Rolling Stone Country... Rolling Stone!

American Aquarium

North Carolina made, Texas owned. Or we'd like to think so. And we are insanely stoked for their new record. Here's what Rolling Stone has to say:

The country-rock travel log of a band that's spent the past decade on the road, swirling a string of last calls and open highways into songs that celebrate the highs — and the hangovers — of life in the HOV lane. - Rolling Stone

Adam Hood

Mr. Hood is just a genuinely good dude with killer vocals and songwriting skills. The whole 'musician' package, if you will. It's a good thing we like to share "our" artists with the rest of the states, because with reviews like this, this dude is gonna move mountains:

A deep-south version of John Mellencamp backed by the Rolling Stones.

If that's not a compliment, I don't know what is. Check out the full dish on these featured artists in Rolling Stone Magazine here.

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