Here in Texas it's not a secret, we love us some Buc-ee's. Currently Buc-ee’s has over 40 locations in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. But the giant-sized road stop will soon be opening up locations in several more states including: Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and now Colorado.

That's right it looks as if Texas' beloved is headed northwest to the Mile High State according to 303 Magazine. "This Texas-sized gas station and convenience store plans to open its first Colorado location in Johnstown — about 50 miles from Denver— by 2024."

As such, Colorado, you're on notice. Y'all better be respectful of Buc-ee the Beaver and his aisles of fresh sandwiches and magical bathrooms. Unlike this Georgia man who described the store as "basically a Kmart that only sells junk food and Buc-ee’s shirts." You, sir, are out of line.

He went on to say that "It’s overwhelming, and not really in a good way—especially when the store is packed, which it has been every time I’ve stopped." Yeah, cause everyone loves it. That's why it's packed.

Learn from Amberly, who correctly described her first experience as follows: "What is this magical redneck store of goodness with 9,000 gas pumps and jerky that line the walls like pearls to Heaven's gates and looks like it came straight out of a National Lampoon's movie? Dude was chopping brisket right there on the table and people were grabbing the sandwiches as fast as employees could wrap them. More baked goods in the biggest hopping bakery I've ever seen." Appreciate what we're sharing with you.

And even though you can now find Buc-ee's outside of Texas, Texans will always consider the perfect chain of travel centers, famously known for squeaky clean bathrooms and enough fueling positions for everyone in The Lone Star State simultaneously, our very own. That will never change.

And never forget, that while the largest store may no longer be in Texas (currently) never forget that the record for the world’s longest car wash is in Katy, that's right, Texas. It boasts a 255 feet of conveyor belt.

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