Driving home from a swim meet things turned pretty bad very quickly for one Texas mom whose child was playing with a fidget spinner.

Small toys do come with a choking warning and hazard, but often times kids aren't aware of this and what it actually means and what it could do to them. On her way home from a swim meet, Kelly Rose Joniec's daughter Britton was playing with her fidget spinner and put it in her mouth to clean it and that's when the trouble began, one of the pieces of the fidget spinner came out and became dislodged in her daughter's esophagus. After performing the Heimlich maneuver with no success, Kelly Rose drove her daughter to an emergency care center where doctors had to perform emergency surgery to remove the part that she accidentally swallowed. She was worried about the procedure, but doctors were able to successfully remove the fidget spinner bearing from Britton's esophagus.

Kelly Rose describes the whole ordeal in the following Facebook post:

My daughter is waiting on her fidget spinner to arrive and when it does arrive I will make sure she reads Kelly Rose's post to know and understand the danger that this little distraction thing that she's receiving can be much more dangerous if not used properly.

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