We’ve all heard the saying before that “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” and for the most part you can find that to be true. Texas is a gigantic state with lots of pride and sometimes that same pride is shown when creating delicious treats or perhaps a cinnamon roll like you can order at Bonnie’s Donuts in League City, Texas. We are talking about one cinnamon roll that weighs 10 pounds.  


But it’s not just the cinnamon rolls that are gigantic is size. When I was scrolling through their Facebook page, I noticed that there were donuts the size of a toddler, if you think I am joking just scroll down to the pictures. It’s crazy how big these tasty treats are but it’s not just about size as the baked goods all look tasty too. With so many people making donuts and cinnamon rolls you have to do something to stand out from the competition and Bonnie’s Donuts has done that. 

How Can You Get Your Own 10 Lbs. Cinnamon Roll in Texas? 

If you want to visit Bonnie’s Donuts, located between Houston and Galveston, it might be the perfect vacation breakfast. They close at noon on the weekdays and 1pm on weekends, and the gigantic cinnamon rolls do require 24-hour notice as they take time to create.  

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Do You Know Anyone Who Could Eat the Whole Thing? 

I’m sure it’s delicious but you would be so full trying to eat this whole thing. Do you know anyone who has that big of an appetite? You might need to tell them about Bonnie’s and plan a road trip.  

Giant 5 and 10 Lbs. Cinnamon Rolls and Donuts at Bonnie's Donuts

They make 5 and 10 pound cinnamon rolls at Bonnie's Donuts in League City, TX.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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