I will admit up-front that I am a junkie when it comes to Thin Mints, which is why this caught my attention, but I am curious to see how you feel about this. A Texas-based pro-family group is calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies in response to the organization’s decision to allow a Colorado boy who identifies as a girl to join a local troop.


In a video uploaded to YouTube last week, a 14-year-old Girl Scout named Taylor from Ventura County, Calif., reads a statement excoriating GSUSA for “not being honest with us girls, its troops, its leaders, its parents or the American public.”

This situation in Colorado has also gone beyond the borders of the Rocky Mountain State. Troops in Louisiana disbanded in December, citing the inclusion of trans girls as the reason.

A boycott of Girl Scout cookies would undoubtedly harm the organization, as it receives a generous amount of its funding from their sale.

When asked for a comment, Girl Scouts spokeswoman Michelle Tompkins told the Washington Post that GSUSA “prided itself on being an inclusive organization serving girls from all walks of life,” and will continue to review “cases involving transgender children on a case by case basis with a focus on ensuring the welfare and best interests of the child in question and the other girls in the troop as our highest priority.”

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