There are laws on the books in Texas from way back in the day that don’t really make sense anymore. There are some that even mention that you can’t milk a neighbor's cow, which makes sense, that could be considered theft and trespassing. But it shows that while they might not be enforced, there are some strange Texas laws. But as I was looking at the Texas State Law Library online, I came across one law that I had to tell you about. 

Adultery Texas Law

At first, I was wondering about laws in Texas regarding defending yourself from an intruder. Never go onto someone else’s property in Texas without permission, because most Texans will do whatever they think is appropriate to defend their property and family. But as I was on that same page learning about the “Castle Doctrine”, I found out about a law in Texas that was repealed in 1973. 

What Crazy Texas Law Was Repealed in the 1970s? 

Adultery as justification” law was in the old Texas Penal Code, it was repealed by Senate Bill 34 during the 63rd Legislature’s regular session. But before being repealed, the law said that is was LEGAL to shoot a person if you catch them committing adultery with your spouse. 

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Don’t Shoot a Cheating Spouse 

Finding your spouse cheating would be a horrible thing, but that law has been repealed. So, as a reminder, you’re NOT ALLOWED to shoot anyone if they cheat with your spouse. But back in the day, it used to be allowed in Texas. Wow! 

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