It is a particularly trying time in our country, and that certainly extends to our beloved Texas. I'm not sure if we've ever been more divided as a country. A new law recently signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott has certainly contributed to the divisiveness; being praised by conservatives and denounced by liberals.

As such, folks on both sides of the aisle aren't feeling heard, which sets the table for interactions such as these.

"Why would you sign a law telling women whether they can have an abortion or not?" he asks, shaking Abbott's more and more aggressively, before saying, "That makes you douchebag!"

The clip has caught fire, after just a couple of days it had already surpassed 6 million views on TikTok.

The confrontation occurred outside of Harper's Restaurant in Dallas, according to an Express-News report, and was instigated by Eric Katzenberger who shared the exchange to his TikTok account.

Katzenberger told the Express-News that it happened this past Saturday. We're not sure what happened immediately after the insult was hurled as the video comes to an abrupt end, but according to the TikToker the governor didn't respond and his security detail "wasn't pleased" with him.


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It was in May of this year that Abbott signed "the heartbeat" bill to law, "The heartbeat bill is now LAW in the Lone Star State. This bill ensures the life of every unborn child with a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. Thank you @SenBryanHughes@ShelbySlawson, & #txlege for fighting for the lives of the unborn in Texas," he tweeted after.  

The new law prohibits and criminalizes abortion after 6 weeks unless the mother’s
life is in danger. Under this new law, cases of rape and incest are not exceptions. Read more on it here.

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