It isn't very often that you see MLB players play a position other than what they're known for. Whether it's a reliever in a catchers uniform, or seeing a first baseman at shortstop, it's always out of the ordinary. Not to mention it makes for an entertaining game. Last night the Texas Rangers put one of their most popular players in a position that even made him chuckle.

In their game against the Boston Red Sox last night, the Rangers were in a complete blowout. They were losing 17-3 and had used the entire relief staff available, and since it was a blow out game they didn't want to use their closers so they would be able to pitch in the days ahead. So they called on none other than outfielder David Murphy. What?

Murphy had been a pitcher in high school, but stuck to being in the outfield since then. Knowing his pitching past, manager Ron Washington called on him to pitch in the 8th inning. No one was as shocked as Murphy. But he put all of that aside and pitched the sole scoreless inning for Texas. He faced four batters - gave up a double, got a strike out, and two pop outs.

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