Texas Roadhouse is a favorite for just about every East Texan. There is never a night where you don't have to wait at least for a little bit to get a table for dinner. It's a great place to go and celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, just about anything really. Tell me something that's bad on their menu. You can't because there isn't anything. Their most popular menu item isn't even a main course and will soon be available to purchase outside of the restaurant for you to enjoy at home.

Texas Roadhouse Favorites

I'm a huge fan of Texas Roadhouse. I love their ribeyes. That's my usual go to when eating there. Add a side of green beans and okra and my stomach is happy. I tried their ribs for the first time not too long ago. Dude, those bad boys were great. The meat literally fell off the bone. So good. No, I'm not getting paid for this, those are my actual thoughts about Texas Roadhouse.

I miss grabbing a handful of peanuts while waiting for a table. COVID and inflation pretty much killed that off. You'd get full off of those before you even got a water.

Texas Roadhouse via Facebook
Texas Roadhouse via Facebook

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Speaking of getting full, every single one of us gets too full on those Texas Roadhouse rolls. Add that cinnamon butter and your mouth is partying hard. So good. What if I told you that you could walk into your favorite grocery store and pick up a dozen of those rolls to heat up in the oven for dinner that night? Texas Roadhouse is working on just that right now (WFAA).

A trial run is being done at Walmart stores in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio where Texas Roadhouse rolls will be available to buy in the freezer section in a ready to bake pan. Oh, each package will come with that signature cinnamon butter. I think it's safe to assume that if this is a success, and I don't see why it wouldn't, that this could roll out nationwide, including here in East Texas.

Make Your Own Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Yes, there are many recipes available online that say you can make your own rolls at home. But those are not the authentic Texas Roadhouse rolls, these will be. If you have friends or relatives in that area, tell them to buy them so they can be available to us in the future.

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