Summertime is here in Texas and people are out looking for things to do and places to visit.

While technically the first day of the summer season will be on June 20, it's been hot enough in Texas for a while for it to feel like summer already! Plus, schools have started letting out for the year, a sure sign of the hottest (but most fun, in my opinion) season in Texas.

Some people will be traveling all across the country, or even out of the continent. While others will stay in Texas, enjoying the many sights this great state has to offer. Whatever your plans are, just be wary of falling victim to tourist traps! in the Lone Star State alone there are several.

What is a tourist trap?

If you're looking for the dictionary definition, Merriam-Webster defines a tourist trap as, "a place that attracts and exploits tourists."

For the most part, this is true. Especially for places that are great at drawing visitors in, but offer lackluster experiences at very high prices. But I think it can also be partially true for locations that are nice in essence but are so popular that it is unenjoyable.

Don't get me wrong though, "tourist traps" can still be a lot of fun for some people! There are even some I have visited and enjoyed and others I'd like to visit at some point.

However, if you're interested in seeing some true icons of Texas, learning some history, or avoiding crowds of out-of-staters, then you'll probably want to skip these tourist traps.

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What are some major Texas tourist traps?

My San Antonio compiled a list of several tourist traps all across Texas. For the most part, I have to say I agree with these choices.

I have been to some of the places mentioned on their list and had a good time there, but in retrospect, other locations probably would have been more enjoyable.

I'm only going to list the tourist traps, but if you'd like to see some recommended places to visit instead of these traps, then check out the original article! Keep scrolling to see photos of Texas' 9 worst tourist traps:

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