It's not that I don't love Starbucks. I do.

At the same time, I've been sincerely longing for a locally owned coffee shop to magically open a bit closer to my home. And now, it has--and it's AMAZING.

If you drive south down Old Jacksonville in Tyler, you may have seen that charming, tiny white house nestled in front of a shopping center in Gresham. It's been many things over the years, most recently a hot dog stop. I was bummed when they went out of business, because I adore small East Texas owned businesses. But that sad has turned to happy...

Big Shot Coffee House took over the tiny white house a few weeks ago. I hope they never leave.

The owner Lydia Baskin has worked in the coffee industry for almost ten years and has a close relationship with an East Texas coffee roaster. That means those beans are about as fresh as you can get.

I popped over this past weekend, after realizing I'd run out of coffee. There were quite a few cars in the drive-thru, but the traffic moved pretty quickly. Once I got up to the window where I could see the menu, I was happy to see all the familiar options you'd expect at a coffee house, but also a few that surprised me.

Yes you can get your espresso drinks, in all of their delicious manifestations. And you can also go deliciously rogue and enjoy one of their java shakes, fruit smoothies, or blueberry scones. (It looks like the baked goods on offer change semi-regularly)

Blueberry Scone Photo: Tara Holley
Blueberry Scone
Photo: Tara Holley

When I got to the window, the masked barista was quite friendly and clearly bright. I ordered a cappuccino to which she replied "how do you like your foam?"

"My foam?" No one had ever asked me how I liked my foam before. How exciting. "Well, I like it to be quite robustly foamy, if that's what you're asking."

"OH, so then you like your capps 'dry.'" And that's how I learned I like my 'capps' dry.

She also asked me if I'd prefer a medium or dark roast espresso for my capp, and went on to explain how the flavor experience would be different with each one. O_O These folks know their stuff. I told her I trusted her judgement.

And it was delicious. And so was the cold brew with 2 percent and a dash of vanilla I also ordered out of curiosity so I could tell you about it.

Would you look at this amazing logo, please? Photo: Tara Holley
Would you look at this amazing logo, please?
Photo: Tara Holley

I recommend. I'll be back again and again.

OH and by the way, those butter sugar cookies. HOLY. COW. Sorry, don't have a photo because I stuffed it in my face before I even made it home.

*gets in car*

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