DISCLAIMER: The Best Damn Thing I Ate series is where Melz On The MIC checks out restaurants all across East Texas for the purposes of review. Melz was not compensated or given free food for his review.

Its Black History Month as you know and my focus this month (and EVERY MONTH) is to show love to minority owned businesses in East Texas and thankfully, lots of yall have hit me up to let me know where you are and you can best be assured that I'll be stopping by to see all of yall soon.

So this past week, I was out and about with one of my colleagues and we stopped by to see David Christopher with the Christopher Insurance Agency and we fell off into a conversation about his love of BBQ.

I told him that I'm still learning my way around the area and he let me know about McGee's BBQ on Old Jacksonville Highway. So, after checking them out on Facebook, I stopped by over the weekend before we descended into the winter vortex chaos.

When I pulled up and went inside, I got kind of nervous because I couldn't see them. They are in the right corner of the gas station inside and you'll see the window. The menu is full of the standard BBQ options like "meat by the pound", stuffed spuds and more! But I wanted to try one of their sandwiches that wasn't listed on the menu but was recommended to me: The Super Deluxe.


"The Super Deluxe" is their "Chopped Beef Deluxe" but "super". A helping heaping of chopped beef onions and cheese but what makes it super is that they add a bed of smoked sausage to it. For the sake of enhancement, I added grilled jalapenos which were seared into the beef.

Since I got here, I heard of all these "BBQ sandwiches" other ETX restaurants have but if this isn't in your Top 3 then I gotta question your list. This Super Sammich had me FULL halfway through it and it didn't need any of the sauce that came with it but I poured some on top anyway after my first few bites and it was even better!

I had to get mine to go but as I was on my way out the door, i ran into Mr. Christopher as he was on his way inside and I told him "See, I listened to you and you wasn't lying!" and he laughed as he placed his order....always trust the local folks when you're a newbie.

McGee's BBQ is located at 15834 FM 2493 Old Jacksonville Hwy past Bruno’s inside the green gas station. You can follow them on Facebook HERE.

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