Ever seen a Dachshund play goalie? One of our buddies here at the station has the cutest Dachshund I've ever seen, but it's not just because of his looks, it's because he's got a lotta personality.

Meet Scooter. He likes to chill on a boat with a life vest on, bark at uprooted trees, has the same attitude as his doggy daddy - Gunny - and has never let a ball through while goaltending. Y'all may recognize Gunny from a few viral stories we've published. He heads up the Noonday Onion Run and his front yard sign about finding the right East Texas woman went viral - TWICE.

So it's no surprise his dog has spunk and isn't afraid to be himself. Gunny's commentary just adds to the drama we all know and love in sports. Enjoy the cutest video you'll see today!

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