The Departed is comprised of two former members of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato. They and long time friends Dave Bowen, Seth James, and Steve Littleton formed the new band soon after Ragweed called it quits in 2010. Canada and James recently stopped by the RTX studio where Canada explained the inadvertently often controversial "Adventus" album cover, and James offered up the story behind "Prayer for the Lonely." Both answered "Five Questions," check it out.

The Departed cleaned up at the 2013 Lone Star Music Awards taking home the award for Album of the Year, Album Cover of the Year, and Cody Canada picked Musician of the Year. All before closing out the show with a four song set in front of a ravenous Sunday night crowd.

So how did the "Adventus" artwork come to be? "Our buddy Carl Dunn, been taking pictures since the mid '60s," explains Canada. "When Led Zeppelin came through Fort Worth he was there in, 1968, taking pictures. The police officers up front were putting bullets in there ears because it was so loud... And I got a pretty good feeling those cops didnt like Led Zeppelin," he said chuckling.

Some people take offense to the cover art perhaps mistaking it as anti-military, or incorrectly assuming the band is making a statement about Nazi Germany. But neither could be further from what they intended.

"It's a Rock 'n Roll picture," says Canada. "I don't know, honestly I though it was a bullet to the ear thing... 99.9 percent of this record is full blown Rock 'n Roll." Want evidence, look no further than the hard hitting first single and No. 1 from the album "Worth the Fight."

Currently their single "Prayer for the Lonely" is making it's way up the Texas charts. This is the first single The Departed have released that see the soulful voice of Seth James take the lead. Though if you've listened to the album you are well aware Canada and James split lead vocal responsibility nearly down the middle.

James explains that this song has a very distinct purpose. "Around March last year their was a lot of untimely death [in our band], and it was pretty thick in the air. That song is about that... It's hard to approach people when those kind of things happen. There's nothing you can say and [Prayer for the Lonely] was my version of that."

Watch Cody and Seth Perform live on The Front Porch here.

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