It’s finally here. My favorite season of the year. No, its not spring or summer, or even a holiday season. It’s crawfish season. And it has made its way into East Texas.

Circle M Crawfish in Big Sandy brought in their first batch of crawfish just yesterday, and will start serving them tonight, January 11, starting at 6:00 pm. They will serve them again starting Friday at 6:00 pm until they run out. They brought in 40 sacks of crawfish, which should last them through the weekend as well.

Just in case you don’t know, the beginning of crawfish season is 100% dependent on the weather. With the cold that’s hit lately, all of the crawfish farms and ponds have been frozen over, which obviously prevents the crawfish from being caught. The guys over at Circle M drove to SEVEN different farms across Louisiana to get as much as they could before another freeze.

So if you want to get your crawfish fix, you’re going to want to be at Circle M Crawfish within the next three days. And I can pretty much guarantee you will see me in the corner chowing down on a couple pounds of crawfish myself.

Where are you looking forward to getting your crawfish on in East Texas? There's plenty of great spots!

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