I don't know how anyone could hate cold pizza.  It got some of us through college and it's the breakfast of champions for anyone who needs comfort carbs on the way to work, right?  Cold pizza does have its haters, but in Texas, there is one food that is despised more than that.  

Every time I went to a restaurant with my grandma as I was growing up, she would order a steak well done.  And she told the server "WEEELLLL Done," with such emphasis that he or she because convinced in a hurry that there was no room for error with Grandma Simona.  She didn't want to see one drop of pink coming out of that piece of meat and the more leathery it was, the better.  This was in Nebraska, and it's enough to make a Texan pitch a fit, I know.  Texans aren't known for ordering steaks well done.  Ever.

The Huffington Post broke down the foods that each state hates the most a while back, and according to the survey, Texans hate well-done steaks more than anything else -- more than anchovies, shrimp, and ricotta cheese even. Louisiana hates cookies with raisins, and Arkansas is not fond of cilantro. Wisconsin hates cold pizza.

Other states have disdain for hummus, chicken nuggets, and the last bite of a hot dog, but Texas hates a leathery steak more than all of that. If it had happened accidentally at Longhorn Steakhouse while my grandma was around, she would have eaten it and ordered another one.

Hate is a strong word and we love food so much in Texas that it seems rude to put the two together, doesn't it?  There are no food problems that can't be solved by chasing them with a little Blue Bell.  There are ways around these things.

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