The next future Professional Bull Rider Association star is here. Even if we still have to wait a few years before he can actually join.

Meet Bryce from Little Rock, Arkansas. He was captured on video proving he can go eight seconds with a big bad bull. Ok, the bull is inflatable, but still, who cares, this is the video hit of the new year so far.

Bryce killed it with his intro, too, marching in with all the confidence in the world then bowing for a quick prayer before his ride.

If I had to guess, Bryce got this set up for Christmas and something tells me, this bull will conquered many more times.

What's even better is that the Professional Bull Rider Association got a hold of this video and shared it on their Facebook page to many likes, hearts and laughs.

Bryce, keep it up little dude. We'll be watching for you on tour in a few years.

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