Anything video game related will instantly peek my interest. My first thought when I saw this Airbnb was that I needed to make a trip to El Paso, Texas just to try it out. My second thought was to let you know about it because it could be a lot of fun for the Super Mario Bros. fan in your life. It could also be a fun little getaway for you and your kids or that significant other who is a kid at heart.

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Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is a hot ticket right now. The movie opens in theaters tomorrow (April 5, 2023), the video games still sell in the millions and the long time Nintendo property has been able to connect multiple generations going back to the mid-1980's. So yeah, anything Super Mario Bros. related is going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully the Nintendo Ninjas don't come after this property because it looks like a ton of fun to stay at.

Specifications of the Airbnb

This is an Airbnb in El Paso. Sephra is your host and has achieved Superhost status with Airbnb. The Airbnb isn't very big as far as size goes but just by looking at the listing you could have big fun in it. There are two beds, a king and queen, but no individual rooms. It doesn't matter because there probably won't be much sleeping with the multiple game systems available to play on the 75 inch television.

I like the kitchen that's available. I'm thinking some gaming themed foods could be created and served like Tetris brownies or maybe a Minecraft cake or some 1-Up mushroom cupcakes.

If your summer adventures take you through El Paso, give this Airbnb a look if you are needing a nice overnight stay. You certainly will not not have fun.

The Perfect Getaway for Your Super Mario Bros. Fan is in El Paso

This Airbnb in El Paso would be a great getaway for the kids and for the kid at heart.

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