For many in East Texas, heading out to the local club on a Friday night to hang out with friends, do a little dancing and just have a good time is pretty common. On any of those nights, a lot of memories can be made. For patrons of Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches, Texas, they will have the memory of a possum coming in for a drink to remember for a long time. One waitress will certainly have the memory of having to cut it off and literally throw it out of the bar by it's tail.

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A Horse Walked Into a Bar

Having worked in the bar business for a few years as both a floor guy and dee jay, I've seen a lot of weird stuff. One bar I worked at, a customer decided it would be a good idea to ride his horse in through the front double doors. Luckily, we had just opened and there wasn't anyone there yet and that it didn't take a poop on the floor. That would not have been fun to clean up.

The Biggest Brawl I've Ever Seen

One less fun side of that, I've seen some huge brawls break out that ruined a very fun night for the many patrons inside. One night as I was dee jaying at a club, a couple of guys got into it in the pool room. I think a dude insulted another dude's woman. One guy picked up a pool ball and hit the other dude with it. That's when all hell broke loose and about 15 people started throwing hands at whoever they could. Security was taking guys out through the front and the back doors all while the brawl kept on. Needless to say, I played slow country songs the rest of the night to calm the mood down.

A Possum Came in for a Drink

But with all the weirdness and madness I've seen in my club days, I have never witnessed a member of the East Texas wildlife waltz into a club for some weekend fun. We can only imagine that's what happened at Banita Creek Hall Friday night, March 31. A possum decided to belly up to the bar and have a little too much to drink. He got a bit of an attitude when he was cut off so the waitress had to grab him by the tail and throw him out.

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they’re a southern belle who obviously aren’t afraid of anything. Needless to say your next rounds are on us. We can’t blame our LITTLE critter friends for wanting to have a little fun at closing time too. - Banita Creek Hall on Facebook

It was all caught on video. I will label this as Not Safe For Work as there is a F-bomb dropped in the video below:

A few folks have fallen in love with that server who had to kick the possum out for the night. No word on if he came back the next day to apologize for his misgivings. I think he would be forgiven but still not be allowed back into Banita Creek Hall anytime in the near future.

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