As aforementioned in a previous article, The Tyler Loop is an East Texas-based website that focuses on in-depth journalism and telling the stories of East Texas. However, they also offer unique East Texas experiences. For example, the Tyler Loop 'Taco Tour.' Yeah. TACOS. Do I have your attention? The first stop was back in April when they visited El Norteño in northeast Tyler.

This stop on the tour will be at Catalina's in Tyler. Tour-takers will enjoy a curated menu of both meat and veggie tacos, a special drink with summertime flare, and of course, great conversation about the culinary traditions behind the food.

Once again, they've teamed up with "taco expert," Octavio Tellez who will guide you to some of "Tyler's most interesting, authentic, delicious food—and the people and stories behind it."

Even if you can't make it to this one, this is planned as an ongoing culinary conversation. If you're interested, I'd invite you connect with The Tyler Loop via their Facebook page.


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