Thanks for all the votes guys!  Thousands of votes rolled in, and we've tallied up the Top 5 best mascots in East Texas, according to you.  The top mascot kinda sounds kind of criminal, but sports fans know it's really another name for Viking.  Hmm.

We know this.  East Texas has some serious school pride.  You guys get behind your teams whether it's football, volleyball, basketball, or track, and we high five you for the passion and love for your schools!  We also ask, why don't we see more mascots present at the finish line of the 4 x 100 relays?  We'll work on that.

So....congrats to the Vandals!  The Van Vandals and their supporters launched that awesome and slightly criminal sounding mascot to the top of the East Texas mascot list, with over 12% of the vote.  The rest of the top 5 are outlined here, with the total number of votes and the percentage overall.

The Top 5 Best Mascots in East Texas:

  • Van VANDALS - 1,023 - 12.09%
  • Sabine CARDINALS - 571 - 6.75%
  • Kilgore BULLDOGS - 436 - 5.15%
  • White Oak ROUGHNECKS - 361 - 4.26%
  • Jacksonville INDIANS - 295 - 3.48%

We gave you over 110 mascot choices, so the final results are understandably divided. We have a lot of mascots here and wanted to include everybody, from Tyler to Longview, to Nacogdoches, to Tenaha.  Since there were so many options, getting more than ten percent of the vote is a huge accomplishment.

Gilmer, Atlanta, Hallsville, Longview, Eustace, Pittsburgh, and Marshall were oh-so-close to the top 5.

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