Say you want to invite family from out of town for a gathering, or perhaps hold an event with multiple people. This place is absolutely perfect, and it's only a 2-hour drive from Temple!

Selah Springs Ranch in Brady, Texas boasts miles of river frontage, canyons, and trails to explore, plus an old German homestead from the 1870s.

This ranch is actually a part of the TenPenny Vacation Rental Group that has a network of ranches here in Central Texas for corporate retreats, weddings, and events.

We are talking about 1,000 rolling acres of savannas, grasslands, high views, and natural springs flowing down limestone canyons!

Lots of stuff to do here in this Airbnb. You can fish on the banks of San Saba, hike on their 8 miles of private trails, or have a photo safari with their exotic game on the ranch. You can go spelunking, swimming, take advantage of their rifle and pistol range, you can go skeet shooting attend a wine and cheese tasting, and so much more.

Of course, you can also just enjoy the peace and quiet of lounging around on the porch and just taking in the view. This is definitely a place for getting away from it all and just relaxing.

Hit up Phil if you’re interested. I know I am!

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