In Dallas, there is a $28 million estate (formerly $32 million) that has all kinds of goodies - including a haunted water park in the backyard. Being the bachelor that I am, I will call this the ultimate man cave.

It has a full size basketball court that converts to a club complete with DJ booth. It also has a bowling alley, theater and so many more excessives of the rich.

And, it has a 'haunted' waterpark in the back yard. See it below.

Sometimes around Halloween in Texas, it's warm enough to enjoy a dip in the pool. Could make for a great Halloween party if warm enough.

I've said before - if I ever win the Powerball jackpot, I would buy a private island and build a party house. Yeah, I've changed my mind. I'd buy this.

Ah, the spoils of the rich.

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