See, now THIS is what the heart of East Texas really looks like. It looks like people looking out for each other and doing whatever we can do to make their days a little bit better. And often, don't you find that the "little" things turn out to not be so little after all?

And this is a great example of that.

Rustin Guanere recently shared an experience he had at the Dairy Queen location at 416 S SE Loop 323 in Tyler, Texas on a local social media group Facebook page.

He'd headed out from work at Pratt Homes of Tyler to grab some lunch during his hour off. Once he'd gone into the DQ and placed his order, he realized he'd forgotten his wallet in his desk drawer at work. Not wanting to cause a problem, Rustin graciously headed out the door.

But then, one of the Dairy Queen employees, a young lady named Kiniesha, ran after him as he was walking out to his car to leave.

She asked him to come back in because they would happily take care of his lunch cost that day. Rustin was grateful and was able to get his lunch before leaving.

The next day, Rustin returned to pay the DQ back. That was when he discovered Kiniesha had paid for his meal out of her own pocket. Just out of pure kindness, she decided to take care of his bill--a man she'd never met.

Rustin gave her the money for the meal and she told him that was more money than was necessary, as his lunch cost less than that. He told her to keep the change. He also wished her the very best and let her know how much her kindness meant to him.

Interesting isn't it? What a small act of kindness can do? Kiniesha's kindness touched Rustin. Rustin then turned around and blessed HER life. And DQ earned a customer for LIFE. And that, my friends, is a win-win-WIN situation.

Now THAT'S what we like about (East) Texas. ;) 

Have you had a similar experience of random acts of kindness while at one of our ETX businesses? Let us know so we can brag about them!

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