Don't @ me but using green energy isn't a bad thing. Is it something we can fully depend on right now? No, it's not. Right now, we just do not have the technology and the knowhow to be completely dependent on solar, wind and other forms of non-fossil fuel energy. Until we do have the technology and knowhow, green energy will just have to be a compliment to our current energy needs. So yeah, when I saw this story, I had no problem with the company experimenting with an idea like this.

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Target is experimenting with a store in California that will be powered completely with solar panels. They are hoping that it will be their first net zero energy store. The store design will use solar panels on the roof of the store as well as carports in the parking lot with solar panels on top. This is cool but my first thought is being able to park, do some shopping and come to a car that's not blazing hot from being in direct sunlight.

From what I can gather from the presentation, the store will still need to rely on a traditional power source but the combination of the solar panels, switching from natural gas to electric HVAC, CO2 refrigeration and LED lighting will reduce their overall power consumption.

Right now, the Target store in Tyler is going through a much needed remodel. Could a lot of these changes be implemented here? With the exception of the solar panels, I don't see why not. I'm probably about to get yelled at by the green energy people but we are not at a point to totally depend on renewable energy, we're not. Does that mean not to use it where we can? No, it compliments our traditional energy sources very much and results in using those traditional energy sources less which means they will last longer.

Its all working together very good right now so let's keep it all working together until we can fully harness one over the other.

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