Your summer plans are probably close to being finalized as I type this. So I'm here to possibly throw a wrench in the whole thing or maybe give you a cool idea for a quick weekend getaway to close out your summer plans. How about staying in a 1950's era train car? It may be a little compact but this unique experience was listed in a 13 best places to stay list. It's called the Rail Hotel and it's in Galveston, Texas. Let's find out more about it and how to book it.

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Unique Train Car Stay

Staying in a hotel can be a little, well, boring. That's probably the biggest reason sites like Airbnb and Vrbo have become so popular over the years. This particular listing found on Vrbo is called the Rail Hotel. It is attached to the Galveston Railroad Museum and offers a stay in two 1950's era railcars. Only In Your State even listed it as one of their 13 best places to stay in Texas.

Railcars You Can Rent

The two railcars you can choose from are the Silver Foot and the Bonnie Brook. The Silver Foot is a 1950's era railcar that's been converted with California Redwood paneling, dishwasher, comfortable bed and other amenities. The Bonnie Brook is a 1949 rail coach that was once owned by Hollywood star Jackie Gleason and offers a luxury stay with 24 hour Porter Service.

Galveston Railroad Museum

During the day, you can visit the Galveston Railroad Museum which offers a historical look at the railroad industry. You can also tour the various exhibits that include walk throughs of vintage railcars and train engines and you can even drive a train in their train simulator. Check out all the details at and book a stay at on either railcar at

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