Do you recognize the location in this photo? It took me a minute but then I remembered. 

For those who travel through Tyler, whether for work or play, there's an excellent chance that at some point you'll find yourself on Loop 323. It's one of the most major "arteries," if you will, for Tyler traffic.

Before we continue, I think it's interesting to recall that once upon a time, there was no Loop 323. How did it begin?

Back in November of 1951, there was a little Farm to Market Road established--FM 1803. It was a 4.8-mile "bypass" from Highway 271, with which I'm sure you're familiar. Then in 1953, another Farm to Market Road was created--FM 845. This one offered an alternative route on the more northern side of Tyler, according to Wikipedia.

Eventually these FM roads were extended and eventually FM 845 merged with FM 1803. Finally, in 1957, the now extended FM 1803 was "rebranded" as the Loop 323 we know today.

Typically the speed limit on the 19.7 miles of Loop 323 is 50 MPH or close to it. Sometimes higher.

But, there is ONE stretch of Loop 323 where the speed limit drops to 40 MPH. Any guesses? Too late, I'm gonna tell ya...;) Or actually, the Tyler Police Department is gonna tell ya:

Here’s a lil tidbit you may not know. The speed limit on the south Loop is 40mph between Old Bullard Rd heading east and New Copeland Rd heading west. It’s the only spot on Loop 323 that’s 40mph.

And there it is. The only place the speed limit on Loop 323 drops to 40 MPH. And what does it matter? Well, consider it a friendly reminder from one of our East Texas Police Departments who would really rather NOT pull you over for zipping through there like a bat outta...

Anyway, you get the point. ;)

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