When I first moved to Tyler and found out you couldn't buy liquor within city limits, I was a little surprised. But when I discovered that there is an adult drive-in exclusively playing skin flicks in Tyler, I was downright shocked.

This is East Texas, honey. The big shiny buckle of the Bible Belt. Ain’t nobody gonna talk to you about what they do here. [Atlas Obscura]

So while driving down TX-31, I decided to stop by - in broad daylight, hoping no one that might recognize me would be there.

The Apache Drive-In Theatre is nestled discreetly behind a canvas of forest on Highway 31 in Tyler and when I pulled in, I was surprised to see a handful of vehicles parked around the main building.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

The employee at the establishment told me they play XXX movies on the big screen on Friday and Saturday nights ($13 showings) and that the adult bookstore and toy shop are open during the day - it was certainly open Friday afternoon! But that's about as much information as you're going to get, because discretion is the name of the game here. I'm sure patrons appreciate that.

They also show films inside the main building with 2-3 small viewing rooms. You can check out the venue/scene during the day if you're curious but you're going to get a whole different experience if you come on Friday or Saturday nights. Your call. I'm not one to judge.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

As mentioned earlier, there are only two listed XXX Drive-Ins in Texas. The other located in El Paso is called Fiesta Drive-In, known for being able to hold 4-to-500 hundred cars per showing. That's a lot of tissue (sorry for the joke)!