Luckily for you all of the sweet treats offered at Three Bees Milkshake Bar have zero calories... okay, that is not true, but these amazing milkshake concoctions are so good you won't care about the calories. I first noticed this place because of their amazing looking treats online, and I keep saying that I need to stop by and have one of their treats for myself. And now the Three Bees Milkshake Bar that was in Gilmer will be tentatively opening their doors in Longview later this month.

The staff at Three Bees Milkshake Bar has been teasing their move for a few weeks as they open their new location at 2910 Gilmer Road in Longview. Which is less than a 10 minute drive from the Longview Mall, off the north side of the loop.

When Will the New Three Bees Milkshake Bar Location Open and Will There be Any Soft Openings?

The new location is set to open on Saturday, October 30th, but that date is subject to change depending if everything stays on schedule. To help new employees with training there will be a special soft opening beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 29th. The online event that was made for the soft opening includes details about people/children who show up in costume being able to get one free scoop of ice cream in a cup or cone.

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If You're Not Familiar With Three Bees Milkshake Bar, Just Check Out These Photos

These milkshakes are something that you see when you visit some fancy place in Las Vegas, but the best part is you can get them here in East Texas. Check out these amazing sweet treats including funnel cake fries and yummy milkshakes.

Pictures of the Deliciousness at Three Bees Milkshake Bar in Longview

Here is a variety of pictures of what you can get when visiting Three Bees Milkshake Bar in Longview.

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