If you've spent any period of time in East Texas, you've probably picked up the vibe that each small town in our area truly does have it's own thing going on. Spend an extended period of time in any of these towns, and you'll really get an idea of what I mean.

Tyler and Longview typically take the W for the traffic, whereas our more rural folks like Gladewater and Carthage wouldn't take that title. Some of our other towns are simply known for being 'world famous' - here's lookin' at you, Kilgore.

TikTok user @DeerStandCowboy took it upon himself to let the TikTok world know exactly what he's discovered as an Arkansan living in East Texas via a TikTok video that's pretty easy to understand - what sound best represents each of our East Texas towns?

Before you check out the video below, here are the towns DeerStandCowboy decided to highlight. See if you can come up with a sound you'd use to represent them and see if you match: Gilmer, Longview, Lake Fork, Tyler, Mount Pleasant, and Jacksonville.

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When he highlighted Tyler, I laughed out loud because it's exactly what I pictured. Loop 323 and Broadway are both full-blown race tracks in parts of the city. As for Longview and Gilmer, please let me know if you think that represented your neck of the woods!

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