I'm an insulin dependent diabetic so I know this is strange that I'm typing about candy. But I do have a small piece every once in a while. And I do love me some candy corn.

I would say that about 40% of you are throwing up in your mouth a bit right now. It's probably the most hated, best candy ever.


I've heard the reason for hating the yellow, orange and white cones. "I don't like the taste." "I don't like the texture." "They just look gross."

Yeah, well I like the little triangles.


There are some candy corn flavored pumpkins. They taste just like candy corn but are shaped like pumpkins complete with a green stem and "scary" faces.


I'm sorry, not sorry, for this brief bit of yuck for some of you. I just had to throw out my fandom for those sweet goodies.

Maya Kovacheva Photography

Happy Halloween, friends.