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Living in Texas, January and February can be considered pretty miserable months. It's cold, often wet, there's lots of clouds and lets face it, sometimes its just down right depressing.

Statistically speaking, today, January 18th is Texas' most miserable day when you take into account the weather and a national survey conducted by Ezvid Wiki. After surveying more than three thousand people to find out that Texans believe January to be the most miserable month on the calendar and combining that with thirty six years of temperature and rain data, Ezvid Wiki came up with January 18th as being the most miserable day out of the entire year.

After the data was compiled, as far as Texas goes today is supposed to be our most miserable out of the year as the temperature is expected to be around 43 degrees with more than an inch and a half of rain. For our neighbors to the east, Louisiana's most miserable day will not be until February 1st when they expect temps to be around 44 degrees with more than five inches of rain. In Arkansas, its Valentine's Day (February 14th) with a high near 34 degrees and nearly four inches of rain. To our north in Oklahoma, their most miserable day is Valentine's Day too with a high of 31 degrees along with two inches of rain.

Now judging from this weeks' forecast, it's off by at least a day here in East Texas. We're expecting lots of sunshine today with temps in the mid to upper 60's, but tomorrow through the upcoming weekend we'll be cooling back down to the mid 50's with a chance of rain each day through at least next Sunday. So the misery will come back this week and last throughout the weekend. (National Weather Service)

Check out the rest of the most miserable days for each state for the year in the interactive map below.

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