For most East Texans, a beach trip to Galveston is an easy summer getaway. There's nothing better than putting your toes in the sand, chasing crabs on the beach or digging for seashells. Not far from Galveston, Texas is a cool place to visit that showcases some of Texas' history, Fort Travis, one of the oldest forts in Texas.

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Fort Travis History

Fort Travis got it's start in 1836 when the Republic of Texas built Fort Travis, named after one of the heroes of the Alamo, William B. Travis, to protect the Galveston Harbor entrance. Fast forward to 1898, Fort Travis was bought by the United States Government. Between then and 1943, four batteries, barracks, mess hall and other buildings were added to the 97 acres.

During both World War I and World War II, Fort Travis was armed and manned to protect the port in case of attack. About 2,500 troops served at the port during the wars. It was equipped with various sizes of long range guns that could effectively protect the port in the event of an attack. No attack ever happened but it is nice to know the fort was there to protect our ships.

Other History of the Fort

Some other history of the fort include being severely damaged during the hurricane of 1900. That storm lead to the construction of a seventeen foot seawall. In 1961, the fort helped residents ride out Hurricane Carla along with their cattle and other animals.

Fort Travis is currently owned by Galveston County and is now used as a park. Each October is the Jane Long Festival. During this festival, you are allowed to tour Battery Kimble of Fort Travis.

This summer, definitely make a stop at Fort Travis Seashore Park and take in some Texas history.

Fort Travis Seashore Park

If your Summer travels take you to Galveston, stop by Fort Travis Seashore Park to visit one of Texas' oldest forts.

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