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Whether or not you believe in divine design or freedom to be the best you, any discrimination against humans for basic rights should be eradicated. Period.

Instead, while many of us have been busy this week watching the memorial for George Floyd and the outpouring of support from all across the world, the rule providing protections for Transgender healthcare, set in place in 2016, has been reversed.

This absolutely makes my skin crawl and not for the reasons that some may think.

It is 150% disgusting that any branch of our government would be willing to allow for rules or legislation to be rendered to further discriminate against American's for basic human rights.

This is not a time for discrimination, it is most certainly a time for discernment and discretion. If you discern that anyone should be discriminated against, you ought to look straight into your soul and start praying to whichever guide leads your faith for forgiveness.

The most common thread between religions of the world is love for one another, no matter the differences we share. If you have come to believe that a religious excuse exists for discrimination of any kind, it's time to go back to the teachings.

Behavior is discriminated against in most religious texts. Fortunately, because you are an American you can decide whatever you want to believe and the freedom to follow your religious beliefs.

Sexual orientation and gender identity have been proven not to be a behavior that can simply be "quit". Ask a psychologist.

When will this madness stop? Why are humans not allowed the same rights from one to the other?

It is a terribly sad week for our country, not only for the unbearable sadness surrounding the death of George Floyd, but also because of the scary things the government is doing while you are distracted. This week, our executive branch of government is almost certain that you are not paying attention to the deep parts of the news stream. Especially since the change to this rule came this afternoon, June 12th, just before the end of the regular news cycle.

Are you paying attention now? If you'd like to learn more about this new rule here are a couple of sources: You Discern, You Decide.

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