Tuesday night, April 12, brought another round of severe weather across East Texas. It was an event that was expected but the severity did surprise some. Nothing has been confirmed at this time but its possible that a tornado moved over Tyler and may have touched down in some other parts of East Texas, too. The National Weather Service will survey the damage over the next couple of days to make an official determination. I took a moment to drive around the Azalea District, Bergfeld Park and Downtown of Tyler to get some pictures of the storm's aftermath.

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Tuesday night's storms brought a lot of damage to several parts of not only Tyler but all over East Texas. Thousands are without power in Smith, Gregg, Anderson, Cherokee and many other East Texas counties today.

I took some time this morning to drive through the Azalea District of Tyler, which was hit pretty hard, around Bergfeld Park and around the downtown area of Tyler. You can see pictures of the many downed trees and power lines below. Many in the Azalea district are without power as multiple power lines were down. Many trees were simply pushed over, showing their roots, from either very strong straight line winds or the possibility of a tornado as the area was under a tornado warning.

Police and emergency crews do have many areas blocked off so that the trees can be cleared out and work can begin to restore power in the area. Please avoid the area if at all possible. Many traffic signals will need to be replaced in the area, too, as those are either damaged or need power restored to them.

The pictures of damage are mine from just the Tyler area but if you have damage around you in Tyler and anywhere else in East Texas, please attach them in the social media comments or email them to me with where the damage is to michael.gibson@townsquaremedia.com.

The Aftermath of Tuesday Night's (April 12) Severe Storms in Tyler

I took a moment to drive through the Azalea District, Bergfeld Park and Downtown area of Tyler to get pictures of the damage in the area.

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