What has been an eye sore for us for the past few weeks could be something that you use. Here at our radio station studios in Tyler, Texas we recently did an upgrade on some satellite equipment that we use. But part of that process included removing the old equipment and now it’s just sitting around and before we just haul it away, we wanted to see if you could use it. 

To be honest we had one employee that was going to use one of the satellite dishes to create an umbrella type thing, but it’s one of those projects that will probably never get done. It sounds great in theory, but no one seems to have the time to get these projects started. But if you think you could use this equipment, we’re going to offer it up on a first come first served basis. Our studios are at 3810 Brookside Drive in Tyler, Texas. 

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You’re Going to Need a Trailer 

These satellite dishes are not a one-man project. These things are large and will require a trailer to get off our property. Although we might have a few guys that will help you get the satellite dishes into your trailer if you need help. 

Other Ideas for These Satellite Dishes 

One employee wanted to make an umbrella; another person wanted to make a gigantic bird bath with one of the satellite dishes. The possibilities are endless, just as soon as you come get them. Consider this an early Christmas present, that we need you to pick up.  

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