To say that live theatre is waaaay out of my wheelhouse is not an understatement. I have never attended a live theatre show in my life. This weekend, I did. Granted, my best friend's daughter was a part of the cast so I was going in support of them. Having said that, I actually enjoyed myself and wouldn't mind seeing another show in the future.

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This is how little I knew of Tyler Civic Theatre, I thought they did their shows at Caldwell Auditorium on Front Street. I had no idea their theatre was by the rose museum. A lifelong East Texan, a lifelong, basically, Tylerite and I learned something new.

The setup was really cool. The "stage" was at the center of the room with an area against one wall that was used for the show. The actors and actresses could move in and out using the same steps we used to enter the theatre. It was a fully immersive experience.

The acting was great. The singing was great. The whole show was great.

Growing up, my mother loved the movie version of West Side Story from 1961. We watched it on many occasions in our house. So I am very familiar with the story and still enjoy that movie to this day. I guess it just brings back those memories. I kept thinking through this performance that my mother would probably very much enjoy it.

So yeah, this nerdy dude who only goes to the movies to see his favorite super hero in action or just a bunch of stuff getting blown up enjoyed a live theatre performance. Enjoyed it so much that I may go back to see another show. Maybe Elf The Musical coming up in December. Get more details on their shows at

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