Tyler First Responders really are the best. If you don't believe me, read this story from Austin360 about a compromise between a local paramedic and an Tyler woman.

Posted to the Tyler Police Department Facebook page, a paramedic for ETMC shared a story from Tuesday night (Nov. 7) when they responded to an older female with medical issues.

All I want is a Big Red to drink and I will be fine.

The paramedic said they found the lady on the ground and did not know how much time had passed since she didn't have the strength to stand up. They insisted she go to the hospital but she declined over and over again.

Then Tyler Police Sergeant and Officer Charles Johnson did the same thing - they tried to convince her to go to the hospital just for a check up. At this point, the paramedic said he didn't see any indication of her life being in danger, but at the same time knew she needed to go to the hospital just to be safe.

Her response to the officers was:

All I want is a Big Red to drink and I will be fine.

So Sergeant Nobles made her a deal. She goes to the hospital with EMS and he will go to the store and bring her a Big Red. While the paramedic believed he was bluffing, he said:

 I could hardly believe it when Sergeant Noble arrived minutes later at the hospital with an ice cold Big Red for her.

Everyone wins! Paramedics did their job, the woman was checked into the hospital and Tyler Police made a local resident happy. Thank you to Sergeant Noble for living up to his name - keeping his word and making a difference, no matter how small.

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