There's something particularly human about storytelling. After all, we've been doing every since the very beginning. Our most primitive ancestors began telling stories. Perhaps for entertainment around a fire. However, the stories were also used to pass on knowledge and transfer oral histories and legends from generation to generation.

Yes, we eventually began to write things down and are now able to transfer information incredibly quickly. However, there's still nothing quite like the telling of a story--especially by someone who is gifted at doing it.

The Tyler Public Library has teamed up with the East Texas Storytellers and will be hosting an unusual and fascinating experience, 'Talking Tales,' on every second Thursday in the TPL Auditorium at 5:30 p.m.

The Storytellers will be sharing tales of many kinds and folklore from all over this planet of ours in their signature way. You can learn more or ask questions by connecting with their event page here.


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