In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Tyler Police Department was called out to a Tyler, Texas apartment complex located in the 300 block of Chimney Rock.

The reason for the call? There was a report of a "suspicious vehicle" near the complex. More specifically, a silver Lexus sedan was reportedly driving through the apartment complex, stopping and a person was getting out and going between cars," according to a press release from the Tyler PD.

When police arrived, they saw the reported vehicle heading out of the area. At this point, one of the officers who responded to the call attempted to pull the Lexus over due to a traffic violation. The driver of the car proceeded to evade the officer, and quickly.

The silver Lexus sedan then pulled onto Old Grande Blvd. heading toward South Broadway but was traveling on the wrong side of the road. Meanwhile, other Tyler Police officers were also responding to the call for assistance.

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After evading a Tyler, TX PD officer attempting to pull over the vehicle, due to a traffic violation, the vehicle pulled out and began driving on the wrong side of the road.

A press release from the Tyler PD reports "the silver Lexus was traveling at a high rate of speed toward a Tyler PD officer’s vehicle that was on S. Broadway. The Lexus then collided with the patrol car."

Finally, the suspect vehicle was stopped. The police officer in the car that was hit by the suspect vehicle suffered minor injuries.

Once the car was disabled, the suspects attempted to flee the police. Three got away, but one man was stopped. The suspect caught by officers has been identified by the Tyler PD as 19-year-old DeAnthony Marquise Brown of Houston.

Tyler Police obtained warrants on Brown for "Evading Arrest/Detention in a Vehicle with a $250,000 bond and for Aggravated Assault of a Public Servant with a $250,000 bond.

Brown is currently in the Smith County Jail. Investigations are ongoing and further charges are currently pending.

The Tyler Police Department asks that if you know of anyone else who could be involved in this incident in any way, or if you have any other info, please reach out to the Tyler PD at 903-531-1000. You may also reach out to Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

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