Whenever we can highlight something great in our community we need to do so. There is too much negativity in the world, but there is still a lot of good that happens here in East Texas. There was one specific story that caught my eye online and the incident took place at a Whataburger here in Tyler. It's includes a technical glitch, an amazing employee and one hungry police officer.

The exact Whataburger location was on Old Jacksonville Highway and unfortunately the popular restaurant was having an issue with their server. Which made it impossible for for any employees to accept payment that wasn't cash. It was at that same time a police officer was entering the restaurant and told that they couldn't accept debit or credit cards. The officer asked if this issue was with all locations or just this particular location. And employees weren't positive whether this was a company wide issue or just their local restaurant.

That's When the Manager (Ricky) Showed Fantastic Customer Service

While the Whataburger manager Ricky was on the phone trying to get the server issue resolved he saw the officer about to leave and said, "Hey sir, don't leave just yet". He quickly finished his phone call and hung up the phone. Ricky then said he couldn't let a police officer walk out of his restaurant hungry. Ricky pulled $20 out of his own wallet handed it to the cashier and told them to buy the officer anything he wants.

Ricky Did What We All Should do in That Situation

This fantastic manager didn't have to take $20 out of his own wallet, but he wanted to do what he could to assist someone else. We have officers putting their lives on the line to keep our community safe and it's guys like Ricky that show them that we still support them and care about them.

Ricky, we applaud you sir. Thank you for being a tremendous example of the kind of people here in Tyler.

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